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Welcome to the Women’s Digital Management Awards WDMA, an esteemed platform dedicated to celebrating and honoring the excellence of women in digital leadership. WDMA serves as a dynamic hub for women professionals and organizations committed to innovation, collaboration, and outstanding achievements in the digital realm. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital management, spotlighting and commending the remarkable contributions of women leaders across various industries.


At the Women’s Digital Management Awards WDMA, our mission is to empower and recognize women’s excellence in digital leadership. We are committed to advocating for and celebrating initiatives that prioritize innovation, efficiency, and outstanding achievements in digital management by women. WDMA aims to provide a prestigious platform for learning, networking, and sharing insights among women professionals dedicated to making a difference in shaping the future of digital excellence. Together, we shape a future where women leaders in the digital space are not just acknowledged but celebrated at the highest level.


Women’s Digital Management Awards WDMA provides training for professionals, that are practitioners in the field. It is essential for practitioners to continue to grow in their knowledge of the growing field. Our training consists of certifications, webinars, and conferences. We would love to have your participation, please use this link to sign up for training.


Every first Tuesday of the month, we provide Women’s Digital Management Awards WDMA certification training.


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